Getting It Right: How Working Mothers Successfully Take Up the Challenge of Life, Family, and Career (Simon and Schuster, 2001)

Leading Stanford University psychologist Dr. Laraine Zappert draws upon her twenty years of clinical and research experience to answer questions and create a road map of innovative solutions. Through her findings from a landmark study of more than three hundred female graduates of Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Dr. Zappert addresses such critical concerns as:

  • Choosing between career and family
  • Handling job stress and the demands of parenting
  • The best time to have children — and what effect they'll have on a career
  • Keeping relationships healthy
  • Feeling confident about the decision to tackle the challenges of home and work

From Publishers Weekly

A clinical psychologist and working mother, Laraine Zappert interviewed 300 Stanford University Business School graduates to prepare her well-organized and optimistic book, Getting It Right: How Working Mothers Successfully Take Up the Challenge of Life, Family, and Career. Offering hard-won insights from women who've faced down these issues, she guides readers through decisions about such crucial issues as timing the birth of their children, allocating housework, evaluating various work arrangements, and lining up support. Her time-tested solutions for creating a healthy balance between work and home require effort and dedication, though there is much to be gained from them. (Feb.) Copyright 2001, Cahners Business Information.


If you've been trying to maintain a sense of balance between your professional career and your family, you've probably asked yourself these questions:

  • Can I be a good mother and an effective professional?
  • How do I cope with the guilt?
  • What is best for my children, and how does my work affect them?
  • How does my partner fit in?
  • Is this really what I want from life?

Dr. Laraine T. Zappert has asked the best and brightest women in their fields, "Is it worth it?" In response, they share their secrets to success in juggling the responsibilities of home and work. Their support, encouragement, and insight will help you experience the same fulfilling rewards and lead you to a resounding "Yes!"

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