Pennisula Assessment Center
900 Welch Road, Suite 400
Palo Alto, Ca 94304
(650) 327-8259

The Peninsula Assessment Center provides state of the art psychological evaluation and assessment.

Individual Evaluations:

The Peninsula Assessment Center provides academic achievement, behavior, and social skills assessment, and cognitive ability, career-related skills, and interests assessments to individuals who are trying to make important decisions in their lives.

Medical and Mental Health Evaluations:

The Peninsula Assessment Center serves the needs of psychiatric and counseling professionals seeking to help their clients and students make better decisions through clearer insights. Our tools allow clinicians to support their clinical evaluations and make more informed decisions in treatment planning and medication management.

Forensic Evaluations:

Our forensic evaluations assist legal professionals in obtaining scientifically-validated and reliable data for adult personality, psychopathology, and damage assessment. The Peninsula Assessment Center uses the most current scientific and industry knowledge in formulating our evaluations. We provide valid, reliable data so you can provide expert court testimony with confidence in employment law and personal injury lawsuits.