Selected Addresses to Professional Groups

"Preventing Domestic Violence and Relationship Abuse", San Francisco 49ers Player Development Program, 2008, 2009, 2010

Sloan Program Invited Lecture: Women and Work in the Current Economic Climate, Santa Clara University Faculty Forum, April 2010

Invited Lectures: "Executive Health and Stress Management", Fudan University, Shanghai, China, October 2009

"Would Lehman Sisters Have Done It Better: Women in the Current Economic Climate?", Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati, May, 2008

"Stress Management Workshop for Faculty Women", Stanford University, April 2007

"Finding the Right Balance for Working Professionals", Ernst and Young Radio Conference, September 2006

"Stress Management for Women", Stanford Faculty Women, Stanford University School of Medicine, September 2006

"Stress and Its Management", Stanford Women Faculty Forum, Stanford University, July 2006

"Sexual Harassment In Academia: An Update at Stanford", Palo Alto Rotary, August 2006

"Improving the Professional Environment", Faculty Forum, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, June 2006

"Professional Balance for Working Women", Ernst and Young, September 2005

"Negotiating with Faculty on Drinking Poison: Effective Sexual Harassment Prevention Education", Stanford University, November 2004

"Getting it Right: Balancing Career and Family for Working Women", American Women in Science, September 2004

"What's Love Got to Do with It? Making Marriages Work", Stanford MBA Alumni Forum, March 2003

"Workplace Issues for Working Parents", Veteran's Administration Hospital, Menlo Park, January 2003

"YPO Members Survey: Keeping Marriages Healthy In Today's Business Climate", San Francisco, October 2002

"Women Getting It Right", California Governor's Conference, October 2002

"Sexual Harassment in Academic Settings: An Opportunity for Proactive Education", Stanford University Conference "Sexual Harassment: The Decade Later", March 2002

"Getting it Right", Women Leaders 2002: A Symposium for Women in University Settings, March 2002

"Life Balance and Medicine", Department of Dermatology, Stanford University School of Medicine, February 2002

"Men and Women at Work", Stanford Women's Center, Stanford University, January 2002

"Parenting as Professionals", Stanford Law Society, San Francisco, November 2001

"Women in Science and Engineering", UCSF Professional Development Symposium, November 2001

"Managing the Balancing Act: When Career and Family Both Matter", Stanford University Noon Lecture, April 2001

"The Politics of Motherhood", LA Times Festival of Books, April 2001

"Getting It Right: Professional Women and Motherhood", Women's Wellness Lecture Series, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, December 2000

"New Roles for Psychologists in Evaluating and Resolving Complaints of Sexual Harassment", presented at California Psychological Association Symposium on Sexual Harassment, November 13, 1999

"Effective Strategies for Sexual Harassment Training in Academic Institutions: What We've Learned at Stanford", presented at National Association of College and University Attorneys Conference on Employment Law in the Higher Education Environment, November 4, 1999

"Understanding Stanford's Sexual Harassment Policy", on-going educational seminar for faculty at Stanford University, 1996 - present

"Evaluating Complaints of Sexual Harassment: Considerations for Forensic Psychologists", presented at the 14th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, America College of Forensic Psychology, April 30, 1998

"Sexual Harassment in Higher Education: Policies, Procedures and Prevention", presented at the Center for Legal Education and Public Policy, San Diego, March 4, 1998

"The Cost of Doing Business Poorly: Lessons from the Jury Box in Cases of Sexual Harassment", presented at the 13th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, America College of Forensic Psychology, April 18, 1997

"Working Toward Solutions: Women, Work and Well-Being", Keynote Address, Alumnae Conference, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1996

"Psychological Implications of Corporate Sexual Harassment Policies", presented at the 12th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, America College of Forensic Psychology, May 1, 1996

"Sexual Harassment Policy in the University Setting", Invited speaker, Stanford University Board of Trustees, External Relations Committee, Stanford University, 1995

"Sexual Harassment in the Academic Workplace", training seminars presented to the Faculty at Stanford University, 1994 - 1996

"Psychological Aspects of Sexual Harassment in the Academic Workplace: Considerations for Forensic Psychologists", presented at the 11th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, America College of Forensic Psychology, May 5, 1995

"Sexual Harassment in the Academic Setting", Invited speaker, University Cabinet, Office of the President, Stanford University, 1994

"Sexual Harassment: Current Issues, Policy and Procedures", Public Affairs Council, Stanford University, 1994

"Sexual Harassment, the Silent Oppressor", Invited speaker, School of Medicine, Stanford University, 1994

"Sexual Harassment: Legislating Love or Redressing Abuse", Invited speaker, Stanford Alumni Association, 1994

"Sexual Harassment: Psychological Implications for Targets of Harassment", Medical Staff, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, 1994

"GSB Women Working Toward Solutions: What Motivates Women in the Workplace", Invited speaker, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1994

"The Psychological Well-Being of College Students", Invited address, Stanford University, 1990

"Psychological Implications of Delayed Childbirth", Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1988

"Women in Management: The Psychological Balance Sheet", Faculty and Administration Seminar, Stanford University, 1988

"Surviving Excellence — Executive Health in the 80's", Invited address, Class of 1961, Stanford University Graduate Business School, 1986

"Achievement, Stress and Health — A Class Profile", Invited address, Graduate School of Business, Class of 1960, Stanford University, 1985

"In the Pipeline — Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine at Stanford", Keynote Address, Women in Science Conference, Stanford University, 1985

"Graduate Women in Science and Engineering: Change and Challenge", presented at Corporate Seminar for Management, Stanford University Center for Research on Women, May 1985

"Is Stress the Price of Advancement?", presented at the Advancing Woman Conference, Stanford University, 1982

"Gender Issues in Psychotherapy", Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1981

"Crisis Intervention", Clinical Seminar, Cowell Student Health Services, Stanford University, 1981 - 1989

"The Impact of Multiple Role Obligations on Women's Health Status," presented at the NATO Symposium on Women and the World of Work, Lisbon, Portugal, August 1980

"Sex Differences in Adaptation to Work: Physical and Psychological Consequences", presented at the American Psychological Association Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 1980

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