As the Director of Stanford's Sexual Harassment Policy Office since its inception in 1993, Dr. Zappert has led the university's efforts in dealing with issues of sexual harassment and assault. Her position encompasses adjudication of sexual harassment complaints, as well as developing effective preventative education training programs.

In this role, Dr. Zappert has had the opportunity to develop a deep knowledge of effective sexual harassment policies, procedures, and training, as well as effective strategies for dealing with both targets and those accused of sexual harassment, assault, and/or relationship abuse.

As a litigation consultant to national and international clients, at both the institutional and individual level, Dr. Zappert has been called upon to offer expert opinion and evaluation of corporate and academic policies and procedures, to conduct forensic psychological evaluations, to provide executive counseling, and to set up and administer effective sexual harassment/sexual assault training programs.

For more information on Dr. Zappert's litigation consulting services or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Zappert by phone at 650-996-7555 or by e-mail at