As an adjunct to the services Dr. Zappert provides, she occasionally refers books, articles, online resources, and other professionals to clients.

That having been said, these recommendations should not be interpreted to mean Dr. Zappert is in complete agreement with all aspects of the content or opinions of the resources listed below, nor is Dr. Zappert responsible in any way for the content of these resources or the practices of other professionals.

The following isn't meant to be a comprehensive list. Many additional resources could be listed and Dr. Zappert will continue adding more over the course of time.

The following resources are organized into categories. If you have any questions about any of the following resources, please feel free to contact Dr. Zappert at 650-996-7555, or by e-mail at

Addiction Recovery Resources

Anxiety & Panic Attack Disorders Resources

Bipolar Disorder Resources

Children & Family Resources

Depression Resources

Divorce Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Eating Disorders Resources

General Mental Health Information

Grief & Loss Resources

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Resources

Parenting Resources

Professional Psychotherapy Associations

Relationship Resources

San Mateo County — Psychotherapy Resources

San Clara County — Psychotherapy Resources

Trauma Resources